Queering the Bible & Beyond

Discuss the representation of gender and sexuality in scripture and religious commentary.

When and Where

6:00 pm
Temple Emanu-El, 1 E 65th Street

Explore scripture and apocrypha within and beyond the Abrahamic traditions through the lens of queerness and transness. In this group, we will locate and discuss the deconstruction of gender and sexuality over the ages, recontextualize and reinterpret (in)famous scriptural and apocryphal episodes, and hear historically muted voices from the past and present. This group takes as its starting place the concept of queer and trans theology as one of liberation and compassion.

Illustration of two male couple kissing. Image from the Moralized Bible of Vienna (Codex Vindobonensis 2554); Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna.